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  1. zipyzen

    zipyzen Active Member

    I been having some trouble making the autohunt move properly. Sometimes the bot just stops moving and innerspace says AHMovement' failed. Its just all too often my bot stops moving with full health and everything and just sits there until i manually move him forward an inch. Then the bot jump starts again and aquires a target and moves properly. But then it happens again where he stops and it shows "No eligible target" on my screen.

    Im simply trying to get the bot move from point A to B and hunt. Once, and i mean once and i cannot repeat the occasion i had him run back and forth NOT pulling, but getting agro and then killing properly. Which i could settle for, but i cannot reproduce the effect, even when turning off ah with just movement on. Im just not sure how to get him to run back and forth between a few points.
  2. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    On the Auto-hunt screen do the following.
    Check the following:
    Check Aggro
    Check HP @ [ ] (choose a percent)
    Check Mana @ [ ] (choose a percent)

    UNCHECK everything else below.

    Make sure you have at least 1 pull spell.

    Put the 2 points into the nav list.
    Check Auto hunt.
    Hit Start movement.

    If it doesn't work, I'll need a copy/paste from anything in the console and specific details about what is going on.

    While you are performing this test, do NOT alt tab, or lose focus on that eq2 screen.

    I just setup a new path 2 days ago so I can confirm it still works.
  3. Allblacks

    Allblacks Active Member

    I ahve used the Autopath a few times as well ( set up a low level one yesterday ) so again i can confirm it works.

    I only really do easy paths setting up one start and end point, try to make sure i give anything on the ground a wide avoidance and only ever autokill Blues/Green mobs.

    One thing i would say though is dont have Orge Harvest running, i have died more times do to the fact that it keeps trying to harvest but i could have miossed somethign in Orge as i said i just do very simple paths while im otherwise occupied.


    PS. try to make your nav points mean something too, i have forgotten where to start from that many times it get very annoying.
  4. zipyzen

    zipyzen Active Member

    After looking at the debug messages i found that it was indeed a pull problem. My bot was running close to a mob, then not getting close enough to use one of the 4 pull spells i had listed. After changing a few pull spells, and putting my longest spell at the top of my CA list. He pulls and walks around fine and dandy.

    edit: Ps: I am using a monk.
  5. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Excellent. I'm guessing this was caused by running a spell export with a spell range extender (such as abard) then not using a bard in the group.

    I'd recommend be groupless, then type: "ogre spell" in the console.

    Also, incase the mob moves out of range while you are casting, set everyone to "Ignore NPC HP (100%)" this way any caster/pet will attack as soon as you have a target. (It's what I do anyways).

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