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    What: This is a script I made that helps me manage my alt characters Gear, Stats etc.

    How to use it: Download the attachment AltDB.zip. Unzip it into your Scripts folder. Type "run altdb"

    This will bring up the UI. It will have no data in it. Hit the "Save Data" button on the UI. This will save information for the character you currently have logged in.

    * ISXEQ2 must be loaded.

    Once you have character information in the DB, you can load it by selecting the character you want to see information for from the drop down.

    This will pull up gear, stats and general info for that character.

    To view a piece of equipment for that character, click on the item. The item stats will be displayed in the right area.

    I am sure there are things that can be improved on. Please feel free to leave feedback.

    TY Kannkor for your help.

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    Wow very nice. Thank you for sharing.
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    I seem to have an issue w/ altdb crashing my client. It runs fine but when i hit save data it shuts down the client. Anything i need to do different?
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    I noticed the same thing and realized it was because of the new stats, spell weapon, etc. I fixed the code, but it still won't display anything new because Amadeus hasn't added support for those yet. I added some output to the console that displays your worn procs so you can easily know which ones to drop or swap. Sometimes it helps if you inspect yourself before running this script to load in all of the server-stored values. It won't crash though! I can't remember which files I actually modified, so I just attached them all.

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