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Hello all! Im need simple ratting bot for anomalies in 0.0 in carrier wish 7 gecko and 5 small drones. Can anyone help me? Im ready pay for it. PM me pls or me skype: cjcreator.


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Dont need a bot for that, use an ECM burst. Im getting around 22-27 mil ticks. I have not lost a single gecko or light drone.

1. Warp to the anom
2. Try on ECM burst
3. Launch drones
4. Watch youtube or netflix to kill time.

High power
2x Drone Control Unit I
1x Drone Link Augmentor II
Medium power
1x X-Large Shield Booster
1x ECM Burst II <<---
1x Drone Navigation Computer
2x Omnidirectional Tracking Link
Low power
4x Drone Damage Amplifier
Rig Slot
3x Capital Capacitor Control Circuit I
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