anyone got a sample of using xml interface with dotnet programming?


Original Script Author: VGA
I have done a bit of lavishscript stuff but i am trying to convert to using c# .net. My friends still want the interface to be "IN Game" so they can play full screen. I did manage to get the screen to show up but now i cant seem to get it to cleanly unload.

I am having trouble getting a clean shut down. I tried..

LavishScript.ExecuteCommand("ui -unload \"${LavishScript.HomeDirectory}/.NET Programs/VGAssist/VGAssist_GUI.xml\"");
LavishScript.ExecuteCommand("ui -unload \"${LavishScript.HomeDirectory}/.NET Programs/VGAssist/VGSkin.xml\"");
LavishScript.ExecuteCommand("dotnet -Unload VGAssist");

But i dont seem to get the program to leave the app domain when they close the xml

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