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I am considering opening up the source for diplobot initially to a select few that would like to help co-develop Diplobot and/or some other .net projects written in C#. I don't want to release the source publically to protect any counter-AI tech in the bot. I'd really like to scale up Diplobot's featureset and give this project the love it deserves. So if you love diplomacy, are familar with isxvg and proficient in C# let me know. There are a number of feature request, a couple bugs and some big changes to diplomacy up comming in vanguard that will need to be addressed in the immediate future.

If your interested post here or I can be reached in #isxvg


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I get this bad feeling after next patch diplobot is going to be broken :(

We really need to have the ability to stick and move to multiple NPCs since at higher levels it's just impossbile to win with the same deck of cards on a single NPC across multiple parlays.

Deck switch in/out would be great too!


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Hi Karye,

I would love to have a chance to see the source code, as I have just started working on a botcommander and would prefer to write it in C#. I write C# for a living for a wall street bank, so am semi-proficient I guess :confused: .

I find it much easier to write new code from working examples, than from reading documentation, so it would be a big help to see diplobot.

I do not have a whole lot of time available as I work long hours and have 2 young kids, with a 3rd due in a month, but would love to try and help with some features or bugs if time permits.

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