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  1. tes001

    tes001 Active Member

    Anyone got/know of a working asset gatherer than collects all the stuff i have in a region to one station.
  2. neoe

    neoe Member

    it sounds a interesting idea.
  3. GliderPro

    GliderPro Active Member

    What's wrong with the one in EveBot?
  4. automanempire

    automanempire Member

    One the evebot notes page on the freighter tab it says something like 'only source and destination mode works'.

    So what's wrong is that either it doesn't work or that the notes are out of date.
  5. gankzer

    gankzer Member

    Yeah it works fine for what the OP wants. "Source" is the location of the assets you want moved. "Destination" is the location to move them.

    The only 'hiccup' is that if you have multiple 'Sources' you'll need to go in and change the 'Source' bookmarks in order to pick up everything in one go (i.e. you get your assets from 1st source and freighter starts to head to 'Destination', pause the script, update to your 2nd Source location, resume script, repeat until all assets are gathered, then the script will bring the assets to your 'Destination'.
  6. Plecks

    Plecks Active Member

    I made a really basic script to do this for my market alt a while back (so hopefully there isn't something that's broken it since then). It works good if all you're trying to do is collect everything you have to one station, but if you want it to only get stuff in one region, or skip certain stuff or whatever, you'll need to add that.

    Line 18 is the stationID of the station you want everything to go, it's currently on Jita 4-4.

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  7. tholder

    tholder Member

    for programmers - a little idea.
    i decide asset problem so:
    by using EveAPI - after DT - i am renew all assets. when, after that, every time, when i undock from station, i parse all assets existed on this station and save to xml, provaided by eveapi. then i do a market operation - i know, where loot quantity and kind of loot will be increased )) so, it is also can be saved. thats all ))
  8. CyberTech

    CyberTech Second-in-Command Staff Member

    The one in EVEBot will work fine for this. Source is a bookmark prefix -- Bookmark all the stations you want to collect items from with "Source 1", "Source 2" etc.

    It will then go pick them all up until full, deliver to dest, and go back to the stations and until they're all empty.
  9. Honz69

    Honz69 Member

    That's a sweet feature!

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