Discussion in 'OgreBot' started by Zplayer, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Zplayer

    Zplayer Member

    I know these types of issues are impossible to troubleshoot via forums, but i though I will throw this outthere in case someone had a similar problem and fixed it.

    Seems like on of my toons decided to stop auto assisting. My other toons still works fine. I compared all the check boxes, etc. and they are all identical. I tried re-loading bot and profile.. nothing. I just have a work around now, with an MCP button to have this toon "target" tank. But its a pain. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, but I like I said, I know its challenging to troubleshoot non-obvious problems in the forum.

  2. Cheesy

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    One of the usual things to check - Make sure Auto Target isn't enabled somehow.

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