Auto pilot enabled, but unable to warp after escaping warp bubble


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Last night, I had a strange thing happen. I was flying to 0.0 space in a Drake. At one of the gates along my jump route, the corporation has placed a warp bubble. After jumping through, I was in the bubble. There were four NPC 'rats at the bubble, all pretty normal so far.

Autopilot was on (late at night, deep in allied space, no hostiles around). I could see my Drake "wobble" when the autopilot tried to warp to the next gate in my jump path -- but the warp bubble inhibited that. No problem.

I clicked off Auto Pilot, and kicked on my afterburner so I could get out of the warp bubble faster. The 'rats target locked me and opened fire. No problems, the Drake can can tank them for a fair amount of time. I wasn't even gonna bother firing back. They slowly nibbled away at my shields ... 90% ... 80% ... 70% ...

I escaped the bubble, aligned to my next gate, tried to warp to zero ... NOTHING. I zoomed out the camera, double checked I was out of the bubble (I was, and still moving steadily away from it). The Drake wouldn't warp.

Shields are down to 50%, and I sense something is "wrong". I select the nearest rat and CTRL-Left Click ... I can't lock target on the thing!!! It's 21km away, and I can't lock. I see the little graphic that I'm attempting lock, it starts to tick down, then just disappears.

Shields at 25%, and I'm about to die ... to rats ... how embarassing! I call for help on comms, corp mates are laughing at me. I'm dead in the water. I can move on impulse engines fine, I can use afterburners, but I can't target lock opponents or warp.

Help arrives seconds too late, and I lose the ship. I thought maybe I was desync'd from the game, but as soon as my ship was destroyed, my pod warped away just fine.

This is probably an Eve glitch -- but I thought I'd ask here. Can you think of any reason why IsxEve might have caused this? Possibly because IsxEve doesn't recognize it's in a warp bubble, tries to autojump to 0 to the next destination anyway, and enters some state by which I couldn't later over ride it? Although I guess that wouldn't explain why I couldn't target lock ...

I'm going to try and reproduce this tonight (with reinforcements, in case it happens again).


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If autopilot was off and you manually clicked 'warp', there is nothing in isxeve that would have prevented you from warping.
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