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Script Author: VGA
For the longest time I wanted to write a script that will allow you to move closer and chase a target/player and here it is... AutoFollow v1.2

1) Will begin moving if outside the running/leash range
2) Will follow a target/player and end script once within stopping range
3) Will speed up and slow down while chasing the target
4) Will handle bumps by randomly moving left, right, and jumping
5) Will backup to 1 meter if you are too close
6) Will bail out if stopped moving or stuck

Usage: (with or without parameters)
run AutoFollow

TARGET - this is the target or player you want to follow
STOP - the distance you want your player to stop from the mob (default=3)
WALK - the distance you begin walking. Yes, your player will slow down (default=10)
RUN - this is what everyone knows as your leash, when you begin running (default=25)

Example of how to use it in your script:
;; in this example DTarget is who we are following, we are using default settings,
;; and passing True/False will start or stop who we are following

function AutoFollow(bool StartStop)
	;; If true then lets start following (file located in Script directory)
	if ${StartStop} && !${Script[AutoFollow](exists)}
  		run "./AutoFollow."

	;; If false then lets stop following
	if !${StartStop} && ${Script[AutoFollow](exists)}
 		endscript AutoFollow


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Not very fond of this script at the moment;

1. Seems to wander off occasionally.
2. Zig zags when running / walking.
3. Moves forwards and turns slowly when facing away from you and you began to move away from it. Making tight spaces a pain.

Like the idea of it, and I'm not meaning to bash on it, maybe my settings are too tight ?
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