AutoTarget script


This script will automatically target the list of mobs you input.
First input has the highest priority.

Please take 2mn to read the below instructions before trying it.

- perma-select mode
When active, the script will make your toon retarget the mob each "retarget delay" (unit = 100ms). This is useful in case mobs are taunting you.
However, it will seriously mess with raid debuffs so I recommend you disable this mode if your toon has to maintain a DoV raid debuff.
- Match exact name of mobs
self explainatory
- ScanOnStart
If inactive, the script will only take into consideration the mobs that are spawning.
If active, both spawning and already present mobs will be taken into account.
- initial scan radius
Valid only when ScanOnStart is active. This will define the initial scan radius.
- target radius
Toon will target mobs when they're closer than target radius. This prevents targeting mobs that are out of combat range.
- Lists
The lists of mobs can be saved/loaded. The zip includes a few lists for raid mobs.

Unzip the attached file into your ".../Scripts/" folder.
It will create a "../Scripts/EQ2PouletCommon/Autotarget/" directory.

The next lines concern only those using OgreBot.
In the script directory you will find a "MCPCommandsCustom.xml" file.
If you never created a custom command then simply move this file to the "../Scripts/EQ2OgreBot/MCP/" directory (replace the one inside)
However, if you have other custom commands just open the "MCPCommandsCustom.xml" file and copy paste the command into your own file.
At this point you can (re)start Ogre or simply reload the MCP, find an empty button, right click and select "AutoTgt".
Press this button to start the AutoTarget script.

Please use this post for bug reports or feature requests


- v1.11 to correct the skin issue


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My bad, I screwed up the skin ...
Will post corrected version later today

edit: v1.11 posted
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Ok i tried it and is pretty nice it would be nice if u could add a way to have everyone else autotgt but the tank.


As discussed on IRC, just use it on whoever toon you want to be the assist. Don't forget to deactivate Ogre auto assist.
I find it particularly useful when doing first mob in EoW hm or ToRZ hm. My warlock is the MA and he picks the targets thanks to the script. Meanwhile i can play the tank and take care of the adds.
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