Bad Image Error???


Fixed.. thanks to OgreIRC channel... after asking in the Wrong IRC channel.
Problem was solved in 10 min. Just reinstalled, No problem.
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WTF are you talking about with regard to not knowing what page go to? If you go to the same page where you purchased isxeq2 ( there is a link at the top for "support" and it gives you information on how to get support (which is either to post here on these forums or on the isxeq2 IRC channel.)

Also, newest posting in the "announcements" forum here on these boards is

Also, the error message you posted actually tells you what you could have done that probably would have fixed the problem (i.e., reinstall ISXEQ2.)

Finally, I just searched google for "Where to get ISXEQ2 support" and the first and third links provided will give you some of the same information I just posted above.
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