Balanced Synergy


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I tried to get my group to cast balanced synergy.

The tank casts balanced synergy and announces "Balanced Synergy" to the group.

Every other toon then does this from the Events - on announce tab

Balanced Synergy|RI_Obj_CB:Cast[Balanced Synergy (Ancient), 1].

It doesn't work. There is an incomplete error message.

Also some other bugs--

RZO Run all KA experts and Torsis expert options do not work. RZO starts but never moves and does not initiate conversation w/ the portal person. RZO Run Spires and Xalgozian do work.

Torden I Heroic/Expert moves the group to the proper position in the cave for 2nd name. But the tank always moves far away near the dogs outside the cave. So the fight must be done manually by moving the tank back into the cave.

There is still a movement error on the 2nd floor of Monolith whereby the group locks at a location where it cannot see the obelisk to kill it. This is fixed by manually moving the group 1-2m so that the group can see the obelisk.

In Disease Outbreak, only the tank puts the mask on right away. The other toons don't and die. This is usually fixed by rezzing the group manually and then all the toons automatically use the mask.
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