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    MHVG Basic Needs Script, < Ver 1.1 Full Realease >, ( May 3, 2007 )

    Mad Hatter's Basic Needs Script

    Version 1.1 Full Release - 050307

    This is a simple GUI that is designed to general play less keyboard intensive.


    - Extract this file into you Scripts Directory

    - Run Blazers VGSkin DotNet application to create a valid VGSkin.XML

    - type Run MHVG at the console

    ************************************************** **************

    Credit is due to many community members going back to early MQ2 days.
    I have used and Madified many pieces of other peoples code. If you feel
    you would like name credit going forward, please PM me on the forum.

    ************************************************** **************
    To Do:

    Add custom logging options

    Add Inventory Stacking routine to organize and sort bags and bank

    Fix Search button to actually set the search variable

    ************************************************** ***************

    Thank you,

    The Mad Hatter

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