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    Beastlord Script: This script is a continuation of Pygar’s work.

    How To Use: Drop the EQ2Bot folder into the InnerSpace/Scripts.

    This spell file is still missing spells in the 35-74 range. I have it currently setup on a level 90 bst
    I am releasing this now only because its double XP weekend and many may be trying to level up their bst.
    The bot will Autobuff and also change stances and summoned pets from inside the ui, also the rate for using combat arts is adjustable.
    The bot will try to cycle both defensive and offensive primals and cast spirituals: (attention lower level bst’s the level that it tries to use Spirituals is set at 2 this may be too high for lower level characters and could be changed to 1 or 0.

    I will continue to work on this over the weekend and next week to get out the bugs:
    Known issues isxeq2 seems to have a problem with a few of the pets and the longer it runs the more it seems to break.

    Please feel free to leave feedback.

    View attachment EQ2Bot 010712.rar

    Added almost all Spells and AA abilities ! (I am still missing some though) Added more functionality. Can now change Play Style .. For more DPS or Support, Can now change the level of savagery you will build up before you start to cast primals, and other goodies.

    010412 Removed CastSpellRange commands until i can get it fixed or find a workaround, Added More functionality and improved optimizations.

    010412a Added basic but reliable casting function and optimized casting rates.

    010612 Added a New Mini Bar .. This bar gives access to the items most Beastlords need to be able to change on the fly ! without opening up the large window and finding it. Improved casting. Also fixed Pet Guard/Self it now enables and disables.

    Known Issues: isxeq2 rev. 20120105.0001 now returns True for .IsReady for many of our primal skills at all times. So do not set skill use to 0 as it will spam them even though it cant cast them.
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    Thanks! I'll give it a try :)
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    it keeps turning off the pet guard and he just sits there while the bl takes hits
    iv tried it with the radio button on and off
    othere than that it works well if i keep putting guard back on

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