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    I've been exploring BoL and here's some things relevant to this community.

    They go back to an older style of instance layout (no 1 central hub zone like Myrist), so say you want to do Sanctus Seru instances, you'll have to travel to Sanctus Seru - you'll then need to travel to another overland zone (Aurelian Coast) to do the Aurelian Coast instances, etc. More work for us here if you want to have it run all the instances in a day - but IMO it makes the world feel bigger, and makes the expansion feel bigger.

    The instances themselves seem to have less inherent difficulties for us than CoD instances did. By that I mean - you don't find yourself being thrown up into the air just to crash right through the floor as if it wasn't there (I'm looking at you - all Awuidor instances), you don't have things just all over the place to get stuck on (again, looking at you Awuidor instances), you don't cross the same area over and over (eg Elements of Rage, Midnight Aerie). Now, I haven't done all instances just yet, so it's possible I'll run into some of that in a future instance run.

    The scripts are familiar things - emote, move to side of mob, circle on ground get out of the way, cure detrimentals fast on this fight, don't cure on this one, things moving around fighting area that you need to stay out of the way of, etc.

    Leveling up is very fast - do the standard thing of putting an experience potion on, and using your vitality loyalty thing and you'll be lvl120 probably by the time you finish the 1st or 2nd solo instance.

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