Bot Will Not Pull At All - Autohunt, Paths, Etc.


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I have been trying to get the bot to pull nearby mobs but will not move. Pathing works fine, so the commands to move should be ok (I had to edit the file for my autorun).

I have tried changing the settings to pull from a spell, and pet pull, but they will not engage.

Here is my Conjuror setup as of now. Any other diagnostics I will be happy to provide.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!-- Generated by LavishSettings v2 -->
<Set Name="General Settings">
<Setting Name="Auto Melee">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="I am the Main Tank?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="I am the Main Assist?">TRUE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Who is the Main Assist?">Blastya</Setting>
<Setting Name="Who is the Main Tank?">Daeron</Setting>
<Setting Name="Auto Switch Targets when Main Assist Switches?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Auto Loot Corpses and open Treasure Chests?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Loot Corpses?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Accept Loot Automatically?">TRUE</Setting>
<Setting Name="LootMethod">Decline</Setting>
<Setting Name="Auto Pull">TRUE</Setting>
<Setting Name="PullOnlySoloMobs">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="What to use when PULLING?">Fiery Annihilation V</Setting>
<Setting Name="What RANGE to PULL from?">20</Setting>
<Setting Name="Pull with Bow (Ranged Attack)?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="What RANGE to SCAN for Mobs?">43</Setting>
<Setting Name="What RANGE to Engage from Main Assist?">40</Setting>
<Setting Name="Minimum Power the puller will pull at?">75</Setting>
<Setting Name="Minimum Health the puller will pull at?">75</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore Epic Encounters?">TRUE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore Named Encounters?">TRUE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore Heroic Encounters?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore Red Con Mobs?">TRUE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore Orange Con Mobs?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore Yellow Con Mobs?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore White Con Mobs?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore Blue Con Mobs?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore Green Con Mobs?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore Grey Con Mobs?">TRUE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Pull Non Aggro Mobs?">TRUE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Assist and Engage in combat at what Health?">99</Setting>
<Setting Name="Out of Range Reaction Distance">50</Setting>
<Setting Name="What Path Type (0-4)?">4</Setting>
<Setting Name="Close the UI after starting EQ2Bot?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Check if Priest has Power in the Group?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Revive on Group Wipe?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Navigation: Size of Box?">4</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Loot Lore Items?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Loot NoTrade Items?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to loot previously collected shineys?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to confirm loot of all HEIRLOOM items?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="BuffRoutinesTimerInterval">4000</Setting>
<Setting Name="OutOfCombatRoutinesTimerInterval">1000</Setting>
<Setting Name="AggroDetectionTimerInterval">500</Setting>
<Setting Name="PullType">Pet Pull</Setting>
<Setting Name="Do you want to Ignore NPCs?">TRUE</Setting>
<Set Name="Temporary Settings">
<Setting Name="StartXP">2</Setting>
<Setting Name="StartAPXP">143</Setting>
<Setting Name="StartTime">1589730403</Setting>
<Set Name="conjuror">
<Setting Name="BuffDamageShieldGroupMember">No One</Setting>
<Setting Name="Pet Type">2</Setting>
<Setting Name="Cast AoE Spells">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Cast PBAoE Spells">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Buff Damage Shield">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Buff See Invis">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="BuffEscutcheon">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="BuffSeal">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Use Pets">TRUE</Setting>
<Setting Name="PetDefStance">2</Setting>
<Set Name="BuffEmberSeed">
<Setting Name="1">Blastya:Me</Setting>
<Set Name="EQ2BotExtras">
<Setting Name="Auto Follow Mode">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="RetainAutoFollowInCombat">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="NoAutoMovement">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="NoAutoMovementInCombat">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="CombatFollow">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="EpicMode">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="AutoFollowee" />
<Setting Name="Warn tank when I have a mob on me">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Shard Mode">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Shard Group Member" />
<Setting Name="Heart Mode">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Heart Group Member" />
<Setting Name="DoHOs">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="RelaySession" />
<Setting Name="ForwardGuildChat">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Use potions for cures?">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="Arcane Potion Name">NULL</Setting>
<Setting Name="Elemental Potion Name">NULL</Setting>
<Setting Name="Noxious Potion Name">NULL</Setting>
<Setting Name="Trauma Potion Name">NULL</Setting>
<Setting Name="BG_NoCombat">FALSE</Setting>
<Setting Name="PetGuard">TRUE</Setting>
<Set Name="HeroicOp">
<Setting Name="MageStar1" />
<Setting Name="MageStar2" />
<Setting Name="MageLightning1" />
<Setting Name="MageLightning2" />
<Setting Name="MageFlame1" />
<Setting Name="MageFlame2" />
<Setting Name="MageStaff1" />
<Setting Name="MageStaff2" />
<Setting Name="MageWand1" />
<Setting Name="MageWand2" />


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Just to confirm, you are making sure that you're using the most up-to-date version of EQ2Bot from SVN/git (i.e., using the instructions on the release thread here on the forums), correct?

I use EQ2bot, but I don't use a Conjurer ...and I don't use it to afk bot without me (I use EQ2Bot to control my character and the other characters following me.) So, I doubt anyone has looked at that "pull" scripting in 10+ years.

EQ2Bot is open source and is not officially supported by anyone (I update it what I use as I go) -- so, you may need to dig into the files and learn it. (That's how I learned how to do all of this.) If you do find what's wrong and have a fix for it, feel free to post here on the forums and I'll add/integrate it into the files on github. Or, if you're familiar with git (or want to become familiar with git), you can do a git pull on github against the isxScripts repository where eq2bot is maintained.
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