Bots facing the wrong way after joust in


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I am not sure if this is a bug or not.

I've started noticing a few times I will send the bots to joust in and it will run in correctly behind the mob, but then it faces the wrong way ( ie the mob and bot are back to back ).

I turned on 'face mob in combat' but I don't remember having to have this on before for jousting in.

Is having to turn on the 'face mob in combat' normal? Or does it not matter for melee if you aren't facing the right direction?


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There is a EQ2 UI setting for auto face avatar in combat.

If you set the Ogre to "face in combat" that breaks follow so I always use the above.


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I use the opposite. I use Ogrefollow almost exclusively unless in water, flying, or climbing, and EQ2's auto face avatar can screw shit up if jousting as it keeps trying to face the mob during the movement. Unless you turn on Facing in Ogre, ogre won't control your facing at all after movement. So if it WAS doing it before, it was because you had the in game option turned on.


"There is a EQ2 UI setting for auto face avatar in combat."
Do you know the command line script to automatically set "auto face avatar"? I wanted to add this to my startup for my main tank, so I don't have to go in an click it everytime.
I've searched everywhere, but could not find the EQ2 command for this. Not to be confused with "auto face user".

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