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Hi All,

I've been messing around with ISXEQ2 for a while but don't feel like I'm using it to its potential. I'm not really sure where to start.

I got EQ2bot and followed the only tutorial I could find about options but it seemed to be slightly out-dated. Couldnt get pulling to work and it wouldnt attack the second mob in a grouped encounter.

Any links for a good tutorial for things?

Any help is welcome. Thank you so much.


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EQ2Bot is freeware and isn't really supported by anyone. It should work, if you take the time to learn it (I personally use it for a group of SK, Illusionist, Fury, Troubadour and Warlock, I know those classes work) -- but, otherwise, it's not considered part of ISXEQ2 proper's just something that people worked on for free, mostly in the 2000s ..and released it for everyone to use, cost free.

If you want a professional bot that will do everything ..and has a lot of support and documentation, etc. ...then you want Ogre Bot, which you can find here on the forums. It has a minimal cost, but ...that's to be expected, given how much work it requires to create/maintain it.
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