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    Hi! Recently I started writing a new bot in C#. It is basicly a ratter bot with a few extensions like voice, chaning history with a single MySql database, a small info tool with isxeve objects, an autologin ofcourse and an instant warp mode when the local is not just corp members. I chose to write it in C# because I think it provides a lot of benefits such as LINQ, delegates, voice, mysql, windows forms and a lo more useful stuff.

    Here is the link to the compiled bot and it's source code (executable RAR archive) https://rapidshare.com/files/406404199/NETBotJuly21.exe

    It was hard to find much information or tutorials on how a script should be writen in C#, the only thing useful I found besides advices on the IRC was the old source code for the Questor bot.

    Ok, so here is the problem. The bots seems to work ok, but at nay moment of time it may crash (eve terminates with an error). One reason for that that I found out from Stealthy is that all of the ISXEVE objects should be .Invalidate() - ed each frame. Well either I did something wrong or it is not working)))

    Anyway I would realy aprechiate if somebody would take a look at my code and see what is wrong there. I will also pastebin the important stuff for the sake of comfort.

    The OnFrame event => http://pastebin.com/F0hHNSJi

    ISXEVE objects => http://pastebin.com/7x6h6bir

    Asteroid Belts class => http://pastebin.com/KnuNapHf

    Ratter class => http://pastebin.com/aYpZtNWv
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    Questor - is not a very good example ))) see this.
    https://www.isxgames.com/EVEBot/devs/risky/evecmd (use TortoiseSVN client)

    I tried many examples but this very good and flexible, it is based on "state machine".
    Until it is too late, decide what architecture is more convenient to you personally. And I do not remember a single case to have problems similar to what you describe.

    удачи ))
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    Will look into it. Thanks a lot.


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