1. hsk36600

    hsk36600 Well-Known Member

    When I log in through isx, I get the message that I need to run the patcher, (from everquest) I tried your post from 1/5/2012, but it didnt resovle the issue.

    I finally tracked it down to the new patch in Dec. To launch eq2, (and patch) which seems to be required every time you log in, I have to start file EQ2, which opens up a launchpad, and you have to press play in order for it to start. If I set innerspace to start this file, I still have to manually press the start button to engage the everquest2.exe file, which generates the message from isx that I need to update my .exe file.

    If I start from the .exe file, the everquest says I need to patch.

    What to do? Please help, (My Mom is having withdrawls from her crafting bot)
  2. eddie43302

    eddie43302 Active Member

    we just had a patch you gotta wait for someone to update it. the bot wont run right now.. could take hours or days to wait.
  3. Dooby

    Dooby Active Member

    However long it takes to get a Sith to level 30, THEN fix isxEQ2. :)
  4. Duggaan

    Duggaan Member

    Same thing happened to me, I was like WTF!??!! I JUST got this running lastnight and now...here comes SOE with their F'ing patch....after I was FORCED to patch the game I tried loading isxeq2 and got the same...version doesn't match...so I went and tried to down load the dec 2011 zip file and put it back in hoping it would magically work....but nope...version didnt match the clients...gotta run patcher again to even log in....guess we will just wait for Ama to get us set up.
  5. eddie43302

    eddie43302 Active Member

    Its up have fun.. wife is coming home time for me to go watch a movie lol..
  6. pz

    pz Active Member

    you guys need to stop this nonsense.

    anytime you load eq2 under innerspace and isxeq2 and get a "client version mismatch" error from eq2, you load launchpad and patch eq2, then you simply wait for the new isxeq2 release.
    often (usually) you'll see a post here in the forums saying it's a "forced patch" day.
    if you're a junkie (like me) you can come hang out in irc and wait for the topic update with the new isxeq2 version.
    the standard eta is 24-48hrs, though it's quite often sooner.

    this is standard procedure, learn it and relax.
  7. Kevinshp

    Kevinshp Well-Known Member

    Primalz the enforcer has spoken be afraid be very afraid!!!

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