Chatchannel Usage



I have problems with using chatchannels via .net (but it seems that the problem can be not only in .net code).

First of all, i can't connect to channels except local or corp.
ChatChannel chat = EVE.ISXEVE.Chat.GetChat("local");
if (chat != null)
InnerSpace.Echo("Chat init");
InnerSpace.Echo("Pilots count: "+chat.PilotCount.ToString());
if (!chat.CanSpeak)
InnerSpace.Echo("can't speak");
Whyle this is works for local and corp, for any named chats it shows !chat.CanSpeak. I tried to call this with chat name that really not exists - object is not null while chat.CanSpeak == false.

When i tried to get messages i have another problem:
InnerSpace.Echo("Before chat.NewMessageReceived");
if (chat.NewMessageReceived)
InnerSpace.Echo("Before chat.GetMessages()");
IList<ChatChannelMessage> messages = chat.GetMessages();
InnerSpace.Echo("After chat.GetMessages()");
foreach (ChatChannelMessage message in messages)
if (message.Message.StartsWith("Enemy ") || message.Message.StartsWith("Neutral "))
if (message.Message.StartsWith("Taking ") && message.Author.ID != context.EveCharacter.ID)
When i call chat.GetMessages() console tell me error "invalid index:chatchannelmessage specified - Expected index:chatchannel (Param: NETObject[208003,7])"

What i'm doing wrong? May be there is some iss script that works to change my code same way?
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