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  1. CK969

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    Hey all. I'm new here, and loving it. Special thanks goes out to... Never mind, first rule of Fight Club.

    Having just started this, I was discussing with a fellow participant what groups makeups are the best. And there are several, for different events.

    Which brought up another question. Has anyone figured out what classes go together on certain accounts, to avoid crossover and/or not having a class available, for optimum grouping?

    For example, you would not need a Troub and a Dirge in the same group, so they would go well on the same account. But, having a Troub and an Illy on the same account would be foolish, as they go well in the same group.

    Cuurently, my main group is caster based, running 1.SK, 2.Fury, 3.Troub, 4.Illy, 5.Warlock, 6.Necro

    So far, I'm thinking...

    Account 1 = All Tanks
    Account 2 = All Healers
    Account 3 = Dirge, Troub
    Account 4 = Illy, Coercer
    Account 5 = Warlock, Wizard, Assassin, Swashy, Ranger
    Account 6 = Necro, Conjy, Brigand, BL, Second Healer

    It looks like account 5 and 6 are where things get interesting, based on group makeups.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

  2. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Hahaha! Priceless.

    I've found realistically, most people aren't going to have alts. They are just far too difficult to maintain now a days. Having said that, here is the limited feedback I will provide.
    Tanks - There have been times where having 2 tanks is a HUGE benefit, even for heroic content (very rare, but has happened).
    Healers - Absolutely for sure having 2 healers at a time is huge. (I do see however, you mention second healer on account 6).
    Unless you're going hardcore, I wouldn't worry about having soooooo many DPS classes. Like do you really need a warlock and wizard, or Ranger AND assassin? I guess if you plan on having 3 or more groups. Now that's hardcore!
  3. CK969

    CK969 New Member


    Man, thanks for responding. I see your signature says your Author of Ogre scripts. My 'mentor' uses that. My lessons (I'm currently on day 2) about all this have partially included the differences between ISXRI and Ogre. I've been considering trying Ogre. I'm interested in leveling crafting, and not sure where to go for learning how to do that on ISXRI. Anyway....

    I think you misunderstood what I was asking. I doubt I'll play/make all those toons. I'm talking about planning in advance what classes CAN'T be on the same account, for when I do make a second group. Or are you telling me, people don't make multiple groups? I can think of a main group (my current caster group), then a melee based group, and maybe a single target (my current group is designed for AoE classes) group. If one were to do that, I'd like to plan it out so classes and accounts do not prohibit the group build, because one account might have two classes I need on it.

  4. GamerMac

    GamerMac Member

    I did it based on armor.. essentially works out the same.
  5. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    This is what I try to do also. So all plat wearers together etc.

    It's a LOT of work to maintain more than 1 group of toons. With epic 2.0, PGs adorns, rare heroic harvest farming, etc, etc. If you're willing to put in that work, more power to you. I actually don't know anyone who is currently running alt groups. Some of us run 12 accounts, so 2 groups, but none of them are alts (me for example, I bot raid and play 12).

    I guess this is a bit of a non-answer, but I'd work on getting your first group (be melee, or caster) up and running to where you want it. Then decide if you want to farm on them (heroic instances for the rare harvest) or build another group. You'll likely have a better idea of the work required and can make a good educated decision on it.

    There are a multitude of reasons to have multiple toons available. One of which I mentioned, was if any fights come out that require odd set ups (such as 2 fighters for heroic content), you'd be set as long as all your tanks weren't on the same account. Likewise, you may want to 1 group some raid content, and some does require 2 "fighters".
    If these scenarios aren't a concern to you at all, then by all means put all your fighters on 1 account. There's positives and negatives to both. Putting them all on 1 account, means you can easily dump all your fighter armor on 1 account. The downside is, you can only ever use 1 fighter at a time.
    Likewise on the flip side, having them on different accounts, you have to disperse gear on multiple accounts, but you'd have access to two fighters if needed.

    I tried for a while (this was a lot of years back now), so make it so I could basically have any group make up I wanted. So I had a fighter alt on almost every account. A DPS and priest alt on every account. For me this ended once I went up to 12 accounts, as I can mix/match from the 12 accounts to make anything I want.

    In the end, I think start small (1 group) and work it up, and go from there. Your perspective may (or may not) change.
  6. CK969

    CK969 New Member

    Wow guys, this is great!

    GamerMac, if you don't mind, what do you gain by using armor type? Being able to use the shared bank, and transfer gear?

    Kannkor, I see your point, and agree. I'll stick to just one group for now. First, I play on the TLE FG server. So, the content is limited right now (we are about to have EoF release).

    I'd like a group that can run anything easier than a multi-group raid format of x4. Maybe I can build a strong enough team of 6 to handle x2 content.

    Is my current makeup of my group (SK, Fury, Troub, Illy, Warlock, Necro) enough to handle all non-raid content? I'm wondering if Coercer would be better than Illy (I'm fairly sure Coercer is melee based, and Illy is caster based, but I really don't know), and I'm not sold on the Necro in the 6th slot (mostly for single target DPS on longer named fights). The other parts I feel very good about.

    Basically, I'm just now getting started, and looking to build the very best team I can. It was suggested that casters are easier than melee, with not having to deal with behind the back attacks. So, is this the best 6 man caster group one can get?

  7. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Okay, TLE FG changes things a little. I personally do not, never have, and have no desire to play on a TLE server. So.. keep that in mind :)

    My only concern with your current group, is the same concern I've said for years, probably a full decade here now. The most difficult content when it first comes out, almost always requires 2 priests. So you may be limiting yourself by only running a single priest, add on that you have no damage reduction (basically a shaman for wards), and your group is basically squishy as can be.
    I personally like a standard group make up:
    Tank, Shaman, Second priest, Dirge, Coe, DPS (Ranger).

    Tank, Shaman, Second priest, Troub, Illy, DPS (Warlock)

    I'm personally not a fan of SKs, my preference is Guardian, then Pally. But this is way more of a personal preference than anything.
  8. Herculezz

    Herculezz ISX Specialist

    I agree with kannkor on this, I know you will hear from alot of people, that oh I do this and I do that all just fine with a solo healer, BUT IMO dual healers is the way to go, i mean honestly we are here botting this stuff and if our groups take a minute or 2 longer to kill the mob because we have 2 healers instead of 2 DPS, whats the big deal, I mean we aren't actually smashing the buttons anyways, hell half the time we are pulling mobs/running RI and alt tabbing to chrome to read the lastest news on the Minnesota Vikings :p but at the end of the day 2 healers is gonna ensure survivability and with a bot ran group that really is the key.
  9. CK969

    CK969 New Member

    Man, this is a clinic of information. Thank you guys so much.

    So, I'm going to drop one of the classes for an Inquisitor. My first thought was to drop the Necro. That would leave me with...


    But then I got to thinking. My RL mentor tells me at max level, his group can PL a single toon using mentoring and Legendary Dungeons, in about 8 hours. So, once I'm at end game, getting another single toon to max level is easier.

    A Troubadour adds buffs to caster DPS. But, do those buffs out perform another actual DPS class. A Troubadours Jester's Cap isn't until higher levels, where he really starts to bring the power of group casters up. So, for leveling the group as a whole, wouldn't it be better to drop the Troub for the second healer, and keep the T1 DPS class, until end game. Then drop that T1 DPS class, and PL a Troub to end game? I'm trying to see how Troubadours actually help me leveling in a group, compared to replacing him with a T1 DPS class.

    And then at the actual end game content, I'm curious to see if adding a Troub to a well built caster group is 'actually' better over all, that having an additional T1 DPS class.

    For end game content parsing and survivability:



    SK/Fury/Inquis/Illy/Warlock/Necro(or second Warlock, Wizard, T1 caster DPS)

    Your thoughts?

  10. Herculezz

    Herculezz ISX Specialist

    Going without a bard for a DPS is something people have done in the past and I even know of a few who are doing it currently it is certainly a viable option, I have not done it myself, but It would work. My opinions though both the fury and quis are both backup healers, I always like to have at least 1 shaman in the group for wards but heck who knows that may not be as necessary on TLE as live.
  11. ClassicCoke

    ClassicCoke Active Member

    I'd strongly consider bringing along a Shaman as one of your two priests.

    As well, many expansions where you initially needed two priests, once you are geared up, you no longer need the second priest for heals except on a few specific fights. Having a DPS toon on the same account behind your second priest to swap in and out on demand can be entertaining.
  12. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    As already mentioned, you will end up with two support healers. IMO one should be a shaman (or if you maybe a channeler, but I'm highly against them).

    Heck no. Nope, no, negative.
    If you roll with that group, any single fight that requires a scout for any reason, you cannot do period. While scout specific fights are rare, there has been times where they are needed. While not nearly as important now a days (or maybe it is on TLE?), without a bard, you have zero run speed in 'dungeons' (unless you have mounts... again, don't play on TLE).

    I'm all about that study group that can take all content in the game. Doesn't have to be the quickest at it, but I like to be able to fight any mob, not be limited by my class choices.
  13. Woozy

    Woozy Member

    I'm a fan of Zerker tanks myself, I've played them all and they seem like the best combination of survivability and agro.

    For priests, I'd go with shaman and channeler, because channeler's are both great healers and great DPS. Then coercer for hate/power, ranger, and either dirge or another DPS (assassin?).

    For a mage group I'd go with illy, conjy (they seem to be the heavy hitters this expac, although I don't know much about them or how good they are for boxing) and then troub or second caster such as necro or wizard. For agro you may want a pally as a tank but I'm not sure how good they are this expac, just got back to game a few months ago and getting alts caught up is bullshit these days.
  14. eddie43302

    eddie43302 Active Member

    Zerkers or go home...
  15. pelly

    pelly Active Member

    I am one of those fools who run single heals in DPS stance. Agree with Kann and Herc, but I am stubborn. Solo heals make some of the more challenging zones difficult especially with cures and death prevents. I would definitely recommend 2 heals. I might even dust off my warden, but hate doing another epic 2.0 and PoP faction lines.

    For account management, I used to run full raids with 2 teams (up until a few expacs ago when it became impossible to keep the toons raid ready). My strategy was to keep accounts consistent with archetypes and armor types. I made some exceptions when I had monks and guardians on 1 account, and plate and leather heals together, but overall it kept it easy to track and disperse alt loot. A few accounts had some variability if I wanted to swap out a tank in group 3 or 4 with more dps.

    I just run 1 group now with 1 alt backup group but Kan's right about playing alts. It is all but a dead part of the game now.

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