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    ** This info was taken from the following source http://eve.grismar.net/wikka.php?wakka=ClearingCache **

    Clearing the cache

    Many technical problems with the EVE client can be solved by clearing its cache. This article describes how to do it, what the results will be and how to prevent losing settings you want to keep.

    Problems commonly solved by clearing the cache:
    Learned skills not updating properly
    Windows refusing to open
    Agents refusing to accept mission pilots (even with sufficient standing)
    Being unable to log in with one of your pilots
    Character portrait not updating

    NOTE: Since Trinity, EVE has an option to clear the cache ingame. Open the settings by hitting ESC and go to the reset settings tab. In the reset to default section, there's a clear all cache files option. You will still need to restart your client.

    Before you clear the cache
    Before you actually clear the cache, which causes you to lose a lot of settings and such, you may want to try these options:
    Undock and then dock (if you were docked when the problems started)
    Thus can help because the client will update some values whenever you dock, undock or jump to another system.
    Log off and back in (relogging)
    This can help if the problem isn't in your cache directory, but the client is caching some value in memory that needs to be updated from the server.
    Log off and stay logged off for 3 minutes, then log back in
    This sometimes helps because the server can be caching data about your account. Once it realizes you've really logged off, caching on the server will be cleared.

    What is a cache anyway?
    Before you clear it, you may want to know what it is. While you play, your client gets all sorts of information from the server. Character portraits, log messages, chat and tons of other stuff. It would put an enormous load on the server to send you all this information over and over, if it hardly ever changes. So, instead, the client saves this information in the EVE folder, in a folder called 'cache'.

    In general, a cache is a storage of information that you check before asking a server to ask you that same information. For instance, your webbrowser will have a cache for downloaded files. If you look up the same page you looked up earlier, the browser will get some of the files from your cache, causing the webpage to load faster and decreasing the load on the webserver.

    However, EVE also stores some settings in the cache. This is not what a cache is for, typically, but because of this poor design decision, clearing your cache also means erasing all your settings. Check below to find out how not to lose your settings or use the ingame option for clearing your cache to avoid it.

    Ok, so how do I clear it?
    By far, the preferable way of clearing your cache is to use the ingame option in the settings (ESC) window, on the 'reset settings' tab, under 'reset to default'. Clearing all cache files will require you to restart the client.

    To clear the cache manually, exit EVE. Go to the EVE Application Data folder and look for a subfolder called 'cache'. You can either delete everything in it or just rename the folder for the time being.

    Once you delete or rename it, every setting in EVE will revert to its default. So, you'll get the tutorial again, your windows will be all over the place and any bookmarks you had will be in the root of your P&P places tab. But, if it worked, your problem has been solved.

    If the problem you had wasn't solved, you might as well exit EVE again, delete the newly created cache folder and rename the old one back to 'cache'. If you log back in, you'll notice that everything is back to normal.

    Not losing all your settings
    NOTE: this section needs to be checked against Trinity.

    If the problem was solved, but you want to rescue some of your settings, you could try exiting EVE and copying the following items from the renamed cache into the newly created one:
    Browser subfolder
    This folder contains the IGB's cache. You can copy this to get your bookmarks and trusted sites back, as well as a lot of cached files.
    Settings\char_xxxxxxxx.dat files
    These files contain the personal settings for each of your pilots. This includes window positions and sizes, bookmarks folders, etc.
    Settings\*.* files
    The other files in this folder contain the rest of your settings, apart from the preferences which you'll find in:
    This file contains some basic preferences about your interface.
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    Most (for me - all) of described troubles can be resolved by deleting this folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\{your PC name}\Local Settings\Application Data\CCP\EVE\e_eve_tranquility\cache\MachoNet\{folder with your IP}

    delete this folder ({folder with your IP}) before running any scripts based on isxeve.
    you can do it automatically on lavish engine startup

    e_eve_tranquility - find folder with first letter of disk (for me - "e") - where EVE installed. it is can be "d_eve_tranquility" e.t.c

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