Community Still Active?


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Hey folks. Took a long break from EQ2, been hiding out in EQ1 and been getting the itch lately to come back to EQ2. How's the community? Been looking around the board for activity but I am not seeing much.

Is there still support for ogre?


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i think so. personally though, most of us are ninja's and don't usually answer/ask open-ended questions.
just a friendly wave from one ninja to another.


When we moved to discord ( ), it was much easier for people to communicate, ask questions, get answers offline etc. It's just so much in real time and easy, that's where the majority of the community is and questions/answers happen.

I am there every single day along with tons of others... which I'm obviously not on the forums much anymore these days, as we can tell by it taking 3 weeks for me to respond to this...

As for still support for Ogre...
That will show you how often I am editing the revision history of Ogre.
For example, in the last 10 days, I've made over a dozen changes

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