Connection Lost

It seems ISXIM does not detect if you are still connected the server or you lost connection.

I was doing some testing and my internet connection dropped. I noticed no error was thrown. So ran ircsample2.iss to see what IRCUser was reporting and it showed that I was still connected to the server, in the channel and with users in that channel. IsConnected reports TRUE and IsConnecting reports FALSE.

This also held true if I pulled the cord, disabled network adapter or blocked the IRC incoming port.

Didn't know if this was intended or not. The search I ran didn't turn up any hits on lost connection. So I figured I would say something.
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If you could make a bug report about this at (you can copy/paste the same text you used here in this thread), that would be helpful. I'm not sure how easy it will be to fix (i.e., if it's just a code oversight, or if it's a protocol difficulty), but I'll try to look into it at some point soon.
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