1. tholder

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    somebody know, how in a corporation hangar (at station) to do StackAllItems?
  2. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    I'm not sure it's currently possible.

    Why would you want a script to be able to do this anyway? A script doesn't care how the hangar looks. Then, if you want to see it yourself, it's a simple matter of a couple clicks to look at it. Really no reason for us (or a script) to go through the trouble. Right?
  3. tholder

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    Amadeus, I describe the scenario where I need this function
    Input data:
    - 8 characters, doing missions level 4
    - 300 + titles of the loot they collect
    corporate hangar, hangar and not personal, because:

    If used to store the loot personal hangar of each character, when the type of loot items 150 or thereabouts, when iterating
    List <Item> hangarItems = g.me.GetHangarItems ();
    foreach (var item in g.me.GetCorpHangarItems (). ToList ())
    if (true) / / item type need for me - take him - for example - Ammo for mission)
    {Item.MoveToMyShip ();}
    MoveToMyShip () - does NOT work. Error does not occur, but the subject of transfer does not occur. (i can not get ammo - i cannot do missions. right?)

    we still remember, 8 characters, 300 kinds of loot, huh? Now imagine how many items collected in a day? two days? week? attempt to open the corporate hangar just hang the client. (configuration of my PC - iCore7, H67 chipset. 8GB memory. and 4 HD in stripe - I think it's enough to not call him weak?)

    I started trying to use the corporate hangar because http://www.isxgames.com/forums/project.php?issueid=1079 remained unanswered. and as experience shows, it will be a long time)) but because no one stops to ask me to try to implement this? ))))

    I think if we could use a Station container with a volume of 1000000 cubic meters, and items inside can be stacked - this is a solution.

    But it seems logical, if a corporate hangar will also have a function StackAllItems - with division parameter? ))

    and finally - and I hope that there is certainly at this note:

    foreach (var item in g.me.GetHangarItems (). ToList ())
    //use any corpfolder name - anyway, all items go to 1st corpfolder
    item.MoveToCorporationHanger (Quantity, "Corporation Folder 2");

    //work fine
    item.ExecuteMethod ("MoveTo", "Corporation Hangar", item.Quantity.ToString (), "Corporation Folder 2");
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  4. tholder

    tholder Member

    Amadeus, can i ask you, my arguments taken, and I can leave feature request, or is it useless for this time?

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