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  1. thunderdragonx

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    1.) When I have the wizard set to auto follow it is fine till it casts Furnace of ro, then he seems to anchor himself to that area and cancels out auto follow or auto movement. Is there a way to look into this or do I have something setup wrong?

    2.) Using the OgreMCP with the CS-JI-JO

    I go to a camp spot and move away from it... when I hit Joust out, they dont do anything... do I need to turn of auto follow? or does it do it automatically?

    Being a new user, I pretty much get the fundamentals but I need more guidance with using the intermediate to advanced features.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. tub210

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    Hit "Let's go". That turns off the joust spot and resumes auto follow.
  3. Kannkor

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    1) In order to "Face mob in Combat" - You need to turn of auto follow, which is why you notice casters not following while in combat. With auto follow on, you can get this ping ponging back and forth, depending where the mob is.
    One of the best ways around it, is to use OFol (OgreFollow), it doesn't have the limitation that in game follow has. So it doesn't get turned off in combat (unless you do a hold up/campspot etc).

    2) Using the CS-JO-JI (it's just a short cut button), you are telling all your toons to set their current spot as the camp spot, all casters (mages/priests) to turn JOUSTING OFF, and all melee to JOUST IN (meaning don't be linked to that spot).

    That's why your mages are "stuck" there - because they have that camp spot set. If you wish to clear the camp spot - Lets go. If you want your mage to be able to "joust in" like your melee, you will have to not use the short cut button (use campspot, Joust off, and Joust in), or edit the button so the defaults are how you want them.

    If that doesn't make sense, or didn't answer your question, let me know.
  4. canoppener

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    I think he is saying his toons don't recognize the camp spot and joust out to it.

    Make sure you have "Move to Area" checked on the main page

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