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  1. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    I'm looking for someone that has done some experimentation. This is what I have found out on my own.

    You obviously want to counter all the reactions.

    So we have 2 scenarios here:

    A reaction comes up:
    1) Counter it
    2) Use # additional skills. I suspect the # is 2.

    No reaction comes up:
    1) Use # additional skills. I suspect the # is 3.

    Looking for help on determining what skills I should use. Previously, it was easy - could easily keep durability high and do progress after.

    Is there a priority of the skills I should use? Or when should I use the specific ones, etc.

    Overall, it's looking like I can have experimentation handling the actual crafting relatively easy once I get this info. (YOU will start have to choose which stat you want, and hit start, but the bot would take over after that).
  2. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    This is what I have functional right now.

    It will handle all 6 'normal' reactions.
    It will also cast up to 2 abilities per round. This prioritize in the following order:
    If Power > 25% --> Augment (Power) +dur
    if Power > 50% --> Enhance (Power) +prog
    Tweak +prog -succ
    Calibrate +dur -succ

    I'm not completely convinced this is the best cast order, but had to start some where.

    Innovator's Insight (rare reaction?) is a random reaction that changes. At this current moment, there is no way to read which one it is. So it will fail 5/6 times (since it doesn't know which one to do, it just tries 1 and hopes for the best). I've submitted this to Amadeus to see if he can add support.

    There is a very small chance (happened twice in 30 minutes), it thinks you are NOT experimenting, and will miss 1 round of skills (it never happened when a reaction was needed, but it only happened to me twice). I believe I have a solid work around for this... when I get time.

    Having said all that, I took two items from the base item, and experimented four times on each item, and I didn't fail. Some of them were close because of inno's failures.

    At this stage, I would probably recommend NOT having the bot handle experimenting. However, I will probably patch it with my next patch for those who are willing to risk inno failures. But you have been warned, you will lose items.

    Looking for feedback on better cast orders for experimenting.
  3. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Huge thanks to Amadeus for adding support for Experimenting so quickly.

    Innovator's Insight - Bot hits them 100% of the time.

    There is a very small chance (happened twice in 30 minutes)...
    I added some additional code to prevent this, and I haven't seen it once since.

    Experimenting seems VERY luck based, which goes a long with what people say on the forums. Combine that, with not having a great 'cast' order..

    So far, here are my results.
    I took an item and experimented on it 5 times (100% botted, I didn't hit any reactions etc).
    Round3 was the lowest, finishing with 30% durability (keep in mind, you only need 1% to win).
    Round4 and 5 (suppose to be 'harder') both finished with 40-50% durability.

    I highly, highly recommend you do not start an experiment round without having full power. The bot makes really good use of power abilities, and it allows you to have some bad luck, and still win.

    Going to test it a bit more, then I'll release this out for folks to test. I can't stress this enough, Experimenting has a large luck factor to it, and if you get unlucky, you WILL lose an item(s). You can get situations where you cannot win, period. Be prepared to lose an item every once in a while, at no fault of anyones (especially mine :p).

    Keep an eye out for Patch 182.
  4. devis

    devis Active Member

    I thought I had experimenting nailed down. I did not.

    The OgreBot is kicking my ass and makes me feel like an idiot. Thanks Kannkor. You're a genious.
  5. raudkoer

    raudkoer Member

    How you exactly experiment with Ogrebot?
  6. Eyedea

    Eyedea Active Member

    You just need Ogre Craft open, the rest is done through the game. Once you begin experimenting Ogre Craft will take over.
  7. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    To elaborate a little bit.

    1) Load ogrecraft ( ogre craft ) in the console.
    2) Optional: "Hide" the craft windows (Hide Main / Hide Queue). Since you won't be using them for experimenting they are just taking up screen space.
    3) Hit "N" (Recipes)
    4) Click the "Experiment" tab.
    5) Select the item.
    6) Select the upgrade you want.
    7) Hit Start/Go/Green Button whatever it's called.
  8. raudkoer

    raudkoer Member

    Yea,i boldly just tryed it.Seems to work.

    On side notes-OgreCraft doesnot scribe recipes and failed to buy fuels,though our guildhall craft place is placed all acessible from one spot.I just bought fuels needed for writs and books for advance....scribing would help though.Both options were ticked.

    Second side note:something forces my eq2 client into fullscreen,but for pl my second acc id preferred windowed modes,can live probably with fullscreens too.ISBoxer?Im intended to use OgreBot though
  9. hooiam1

    hooiam1 Active Member

    I group with an enchanter and manaflow myself to compensate for any power problems, but still power has never been an issue . I have not failed an experiment to date.
  10. wolfppo

    wolfppo Active Member

    Strip your crafter of all gear and buffs it is a % based power drain and it will fill much faster when all gear is removed or use a very low level toon to do it and also keep them with no gear or buffs will never run out of power I use a level 7 Barbarian 95 Jeweler solo never have a issue.
  11. raudkoer

    raudkoer Member

    Thats ol' skool naked crafting.OFc in ol' days one might get killed also,failing naked crafting.But yea,i have jeweler on one acc and soon to be 95 wiz on other acc...
  12. raudkoer

    raudkoer Member

    I wish there would be experimentation tab....you set items,and desired levels,it checks for mana,and does list.Full equipment visionary set takes hours.......hours...hours.....

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