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k, simple script to make it easy to edit customwrits.xml if you box and craft!
(its pretty much only useful for people who box and craft.)

run craft <optional queue>

will create CustomWritsEditMe.xml on the first run, a copy of CustomWrits.xml

you will want to edit CustomWritsEditMe.xml to edit instead of the customwrits file.

when you run the script, it will delete the current customwrits.xml, and put a copy of customwritseditme.xml in its place.
this allows you to leave your boxed crafts running and edit customwrits!

note that this wont update currently running copies of craft customwrits.
also, when craft exits, it will still overwrite the customwrits file, but thats fine as long as you launch craft with this script.

added loading a default config file (for custom default settings) if a craft option file does not exist for your toon. (checks if the default config exists)
edit Craft_Default.xml if you want to change the defaults.

craft.iss goes in scripts dir
Craft_Default.xml goes in Scripts/EQ2Craft/Character Config IF you want to use a custom default config.


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uploaded new craft.iss

will check if customwrits is bigger then customwritseditme and copy customwrits over it, so you wont lose stuff if you add to custom customwrits and use this script.


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bumping this since i forgot it existed until i was boxing writs today and cussing a blue streak because craft has some insane need to rewrite files instead of just reading them.


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v9.14 - Added code to make primalz quit bitching about writs being overwritten
        on exit. New cmdline option -sort to enable sorting and saving of writ
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