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  1. Fluffy

    Fluffy New Member

    Seems when I try to do a Rush Order it cant find the

    Guilld Hall Rush Order Agent
    <Tradeskill Rush Order Agent>

    Standing right next to me. However If I start craft with her targeted and standing next to her then do rush order.. It will do it perfectly for the first one.. Then crash out when trying to go back to her.

    Am I doing something wrong? Perhaps missing something?

    Also I notice it says in the debug
    EQ2Nav:: Utilllizing XML Fillles
    EQ2Nav:: Navigation Map Loaded
    Press: Could not parse key combination 'NULL'
    I assume that is because in the key movement it always defaults it back to NULL even when I set it and it shows in the XML file.

    Seems when it loads in it is not applying that.

    What is the iss script craft calls to so I can poke around in it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Fluffy

    Fluffy New Member

    Another issue I am finding, is on the rush writ woodworking (level 40) it wants to have 3 things made
    Teak Round Shield X 2
    Teak Buckler x 2
    Teak Club x 2

    And it tries to make
    Teak Buckler X 6

    So I would be more then happy to work on these fixes.. If I can find where the code for the craft command is :)

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