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  1. SuperNoob

    SuperNoob Active Member

    are there any settings that I can adjust with craft regarding timing for reaction arts? It seems to 'miss' a fair amount of them, not due to having the wrong reaction but because it is already casting when the icon appears. I missed a Favor of Innovation and Flawless Jointing today, and yeah I know that will never happen again but was just curious as my poor guy gets beat up while crafting and it tends to draw attention.

  2. Valerian

    Valerian ISX Specialist

    are you ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN it cast the right buff for those? I don't know that all of those rare reactions have been verified accurate.
  3. lostsk8r

    lostsk8r Active Member

    Funny post, as I craft a lot, I've heard my toon getting beat up while I'm alt tabbed and always figured it was something with the reactions, it's never been a problem as the mastercrafted still comes out just fine, if anything hurting yourself would make you seem human no? human error.

    I use a guildhall anyway for work orders and crafting.
  4. flatlined

    flatlined Active Member

    If you are lagging or have not got a low latency connection, you may find that crafting suffers. Turn off the torrent downloads in the background and see if the system keeps up then?
  5. SuperNoob

    SuperNoob Active Member

    I was watching the crafting so was able to verify the file had the right reaction arts listed, couldn't tell if it cast the correct one tho, probably was due to latency tho as I was doing other stuff online as well, not torrents, but that is possible to interfere. Guess I was just checking that I hadn't missed a setting that would favor more accurate casting as opposed to faster completion.
  6. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Nah, I craft VERY rarely, but I'm on a very solid connection and I can sit and watch craft miss reactions. I find generally when it misses one, it's out of sync and it'll miss the next 3 or 4.

    Doesn't hurt my arrows.. but I notice it.

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