Current State Of Evebot?


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I recently resubbed to IS and ISXEVE.

I had used EVEBot and Stealthbot in 2013/2014 with no worries however it appears now Stealthbot isn't maintained and EVEBot doesn't seem to work as intended either?

I threw a trial account up and had it running the Mining profile in a Venture.

It continues to mine when the ore hold is full and doesn't unload at station either?

Any fixes or feedback please?



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I am the developer for Astro Bot and am currently working on adding mining support to my bot. Now is the time to provide me feedback on how you want mining to work. I'm very open to feedback and would love to hear your needs and "wants".


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Thanks for the prompt replies!

All I could think of suggesting BJ is that the current EVEBot mining options and operation are quite suitable for most miners.
It struggles occasionally with the ore hold and inventory side of things but other than that it works quite well.
For some reason it seems to be mining O.K. now I've played around with the inventory settings a little!


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After having a little think I'd further like to suggest you could improve the break system. Allowing the bot to return to station for a randomized break between two variables the users could set via the bot UI. This would improve the human like aspect of the bot and shouldn't take much implementation?

e.g. I could set my break limits between 5 and 15 mins every 90 minutes.
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