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    I was very excited to see the Bulwark of Order automation and scripts for Ruins of Rathe [Heroic] listed as being in the Dev version. But even though I'm loading/running it, I did not see either working. I know the Dev versions are not "official", but just wanted to see if they should be working and I might be doing something wrong. I can kill Slurpgaloop via lots of manual positioning, but it would be great to have the toons position to his side correctly. Thanks!
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    Do this exactly:

    It is case sensitive. When you do it, you should see the patcher start in the console, patch some files, then when ISXOgre reloads, you will end up with a message something like this:
    Code (Text):
    ISXOgre enabled. Version information: Build date: 2018.09.9 - DEVELOPMENT VERSION, Patch Version: 296
    Noting the "DEVELOPMENT VERSION". If those words are not there, you're not on dev build.

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