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  1. gavkra

    gavkra Active Member

    I am releasing a diplomacy botting script that I have been using for awhile in case others might want to use and improve. Let me first say that I think very highly of the Diplobot (.NET) script and strongly recommend its use. It has served me well and I could have probably made it work for all I needed to do. However, there was some things that I wanted to do that it was not able to.

    These scripts are an alternative for those who have similar issues as me, or for those who prefer to tweak and customize. If you make improvements you think others could use, feel free to send back to me for release. If you have a request or a good idea, please send me a PM.

    Here are the key reasons I wrote this script:

    - Customized AI to improve the chances of beating certain tough NPCs 5 levels above me.
    - Movement with a waypoint to help me bounce off several NPCs that don't have LOS of each other (this deficiency was cutting my EXP gain in half)
    - More fluid motion ( I was having severe lag problems with the movement of Diplobot)
    - The ability to pause and continue from the console (or another script).


    1) You must install VGAlarm. I use its skin for my GUI.
    2) Put both files in your Scripts directory
    3) In the innerspace console type: runscript dip
    4) Set your NPCs, by targetting them and then pressing the number button to the left of the desired slot.
    5) Set a waypoint to get to the NPC (optional), by pressing the "W" button.
    6) Press Run to go

    NOTE: Waypoints are cleared by pressing the W button again. Green means the waypoint is set and will be used. Red means it is disabled. The waypoint is used to get from the previous NPC to the current one.

    NOTE: Two new global commands are available when the script runs: DipRun and DipPause. These can be used from other scripts as needed.


    - don'tdoit: (Using VGAlarm's skin)
    - Xeon: (Using part of K-bot's movement code)
    - thatoneguy1138: (Various improvements)
    - BillyBob: (Facing improvements)
    - Eris: (Bartender Parlays)
    - Others?? Sorry if I left your name off.

    Revision: 21
    Last Changed Date: 2007-09-18 13:42:38 -0500 (Tue, 18 Sep 2007)
    - Fixed a typo which caused it to only do General parleys

    Revision: 20
    Last Changed Date: 2007-09-18 10:54:09 -0500 (Tue, 18 Sep 2007)
    - Added GUI option to enable/disable Target Facing
    - Added GUI option to enable/disable Movement
    - Added random wait time for playing cards
    - Added smarter target facing (only face if not within 70 degrees from front)
    - Added faster exiting (doesn't finish NPC first, just current Parlay)
    - Added ability to do Bartender parleys (Eris)
    - Made it so it doesn't move to a new conversation type until it's done all of them (Eris)
    - Fixed targetting bug (added quotes around target)
    - Fix GUI issue (wrong stats)

    Revision: 16
    Last Changed Date: 2007-09-10 17:33:57 -0500 (Mon, 10 Sep 2007)
    - Added a boolean for choosing to face targets or not.
    - Added detail stats (thatoneguy1138)
    - Fixed a facing issue (thatoneguy1138)

    Revision: 14
    Last Changed Date: 2007-09-07 20:13:17 -0500 (Fri, 07 Sep 2007)

    - Added caption stats.
    - Added timeouts for starting the parley and for playing cards
    - Added code so it always faces the target. Later will make it only face if not in view.
    - Added code to clear settings on exit (allows manual editing of config file and reloading properly)

    Revision: 6
    Last Changed Date: 2007-08-26 22:47:27 -0500 (Sun, 26 Aug 2007)

    NOTE: If there is any interest in all in this script, please let me know by a PM. If so, I will clean up the GUI requirements, and make an official release in the release forum. If I am the only one who will ever use this (very likely), then it's good to let it roll away off the first pages of the forum.

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  2. Karye

    Karye Active Member

    Keep up the good work!
  3. gavkra

    gavkra Active Member

    Many thanks!

    On a separate note, for those who are using this script, please be on alert that there will be a new version soon that has many changes for the better. Eris has contributed to the present script and his next batch of changes are so drastic that they will warrant a separate release. I will most likely keep this up here, and possibly do bug fixes and minor improvements, until his update has been around a few weeks with positive results. At that point, I will probably drop the support of this and recommend his fully.

    I am anxious to see his improvements, which include lavishnav!
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