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  1. mmoaddict

    mmoaddict Original Script Author: VGA

    Dip is designed to help you with diplomacy. Since the project was first created, isx and Vanguard have changed a bit. Since Eris seems to have retired from Vanguard, your current isxvg scripting team is taking over this project for the time being and adding in our new features.

    For First-Time Install:

    - Download Tortoise SVN from the internet at http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads. Then, install it and reboot your computer. Reboot, and all of that jazz.
    - Download the attached ZIP file (on this thread) and extract the contents to your /innerspace/Scripts folder. (After extraction, you should have a folder at /innerspace/Scripts/dip and /innerspace/Scripts/vg_objects with all of your files and directories within it.)
    - The new directories that were extracted should have an "SVN" icon on them (if you properly installed Tortoise SVN). Now, right click on each of them and choose "SVN Update" to update all of your files. You should update these directories at least once every couple weeks to stay up-to-date with your files. New Zip files will not be released in the future -- ALL updates will be done via SVN!
    - Read the remainder of THIS thread for usage information.
    - Read the entire 'dip' DISCUSSION thread, found here: http://www.isxgames.com/forums/showthread.php?p=23977#post23977 You can ask questions and/or make comments and suggestions there.

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  2. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    Many updates and changes have happened since mmoAddict has updated this script. Iif you haven't done so, go ahead and use SVN to update the Dip and VG_Objects folders to use these new features.

    1. Corrected total parlay wins and losses
    2. Corrected detecting all types of presence
    3. Corrected detection of all available parlays
    4. Added facing slow commands
    5. Now stops within 9 meters of NPC
    6. Rewrote main routine correcting many minor problems
    7. Fixed the random crash when equipping gear
    8. No more excessive text messages during parlay
    9. Automatically equips appropriate gear if insufficient presence
    10. Skips equipping gear if you already have enough presence
    11. Added Hi/Low level diplomacy range
    12. Adjusted card ratings to be a bit more aggressive when approaching max
  3. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    August 9, 2013
    * Updated the dip.zip to reflect the new svn location (svn.isxgames.com). It was also updated to use Tortoise SVN 1.8.

    If you currently have EQ2Bot installed on your computer, you will need to "relocate" the repository. To do this, go to your /innerspace/scripts folder and find two folders:
    - dip
    Follow these instructions for EACH of the above folder(s):

    1. Right click and choose "TortoiseSVN->Relocate"
    2. Replace www.isxgames.com with svn.isxgames.com
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