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  1. Quigly4000

    Quigly4000 Active Member

    So the way RO/VC works, if one bard records in a group, the second bard cannot record either during the first bards RO recording or at anytime prior to the first bard activating VC or the RO is erased.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for optimizing the use of VC in a double bard group?

    Would there be a way to add an option for the user to specify when each bard in group should use their VC?

    As it is now I just have to keep one bard from casting RO/VC ever.
  2. Kevinshp

    Kevinshp Well-Known Member

    Just curious why would you want two bards in a group? Seems you could get much more from a diffrent class in one of those spots.
  3. Quigly4000

    Quigly4000 Active Member

    Primarily because those are the toons i have access to.

    However, that said, double bard groups are some of the best groups you can form (assuming your bards are good).. i get 20-30k out of both of mine + the buffs they contribute to the rest of the group.

    If i could coordinate VC between the two of them better, the group would become all the more potent.
  4. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre


    I would try this.
    Put VC to cast on both via the bard tab.

    Put RO on the CA tab of your best bard.

    Use the announce tab so you know when they cast them.

    Put RO on your uplink for your second troub.

    So he'll cast his RO, when it's done, they automatically cast VC (since it is checked).

    In a perfect world where you have access to anything you want, I'd say a double bard group isn't worth it either. Sure, you can get 20-30k out of them, but add in an assassin/warlock/wiz etc and you'll get more. But with restraints (like not having them, or not having them geared) a double bard group works pretty nice.

    Short term - I'd say little chance of me making a RO/VC cycle for double bard groups. If double bard groups become more common I may look into it. It's adding in timers and such.
  5. Quigly4000

    Quigly4000 Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think what i may do is just have one bard include RO in the CA's tab but NOT in the named CA tab.. and the other bard just the opposite. That should more or less achieve what i'm hoping for i think.

    The only time i'd ever really have time to do more than one VC is on an epic mob anyway. As far as heroic instances go most trash mobs die in the middle of RO recording anyway so they end up pretty crappy. And named don't generally last longer than a minute.

    As far as double bard groups go -- they are the most effective dps group in a raid setting. I can't think of a group better than Troub/Dirge/Inq/Wizard/Illy/Pred or Rogue as far as dps potential you can get on your average epic tank and spank. However, that dps potential comes largely from well used VC's.. so for botting purposes its likely not the best setup without more specific scripting for it.

    Again, thanks for input! I may look into the uplink thing if i'm feeling particularly motivated... but the less thinking/button pushing i have to do while boxing instances the better :)

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