Drone Manager - A Script For Managing Either Mixed Mining/combat Drones Or Aggressive Npcs


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This project aims to be a replacement for all things Drone Management. Just hit run when you want drones active for either combat or mining and let the script handle the rest. Aims to be compatible with any script that doesn't deal with drones. Can be paused and started from other scripts via LavishScript.


Currently version 0.4 and supports..

* Having a drone bay of mixed mining and combat drones
* running anomolies and combat sites as well as missions.
* Useful anywhere where you use drones offensively or for mining.

Fits Supported:
* Any ship with a drone bay and exactly the amount of drones you can have in space active at a time (Usually 5)

Warning: Do not run this script when other players are targeting you as this will cause you to lock back and possibly engage with drones (untested)
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