Eq2 Bot not working maybe you can help


So, I tried to turn my Eq2 bot on today after about a month of not using the system and I get the following message.....
"You are retarded and don't know how to use this!!" All joking aside the message is below..

C:/Program Files (x86)/InnerSpace/Scripts/eq2bot/eq2bot.iss(289): Could not file Debug.iss for processing
Processing failed on C:/Program Files (x86)/InnerSpace/Scripts/eq2bot/eq2bot.iss
Failed to Parse script C:/Program Files (x86)/InnerSpace/Scripts/eq2bot/eq2bot.iss'
Runscript Eq2bot Failed

To me this reads I suck and shouldn't use it but, I would love to use it hahahaha Any help would be great...




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To me it looks like you may not be using an up-to-date version of EQ2bot. Are you sure that you're using the latest one from SVN?

That aside, it does look like someone put in a line in EQ2Bot requiring the "EQ2Common" directory, and I don't know off hand if that's included in the eq2bot distribution, so I'll fix that later tonight when I patch isxeq2 if not.


The Maestro
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Make sure that you follow the instructions in this download thread exactly: http://www.isxgames.com/forums/showthread.php/531-EQ2Bot-Official-Release-(Download) ...INCLUDING the fact that after you extract the .zip file that you do an SVN update on both directories that are included in the .zip file.

Extracting the zip file in your /innerspace/Scripts directory will not break anything as it will not overwrite any of your setting files. It's safe to simply "reinstall" eq2bot.
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