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  1. hsk36600

    hsk36600 Well-Known Member

    Buffer : Craft(1) Preprocessor directive 'incl'
    preprocessing failed on Buffer : Craft

    Do you have a fix for this error message?
    How about an error list with possible fixes for the common error messages?
  2. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    Seeing how you're the first person to have that error... Not sure a list of common error messages would help you..

    I tried to reproduce your problem and can't. I get: 'No 'main' function found in script'.
    I have reported this to Amadeus to look at.
  3. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

    This should be fixed. I fixed the problem, tested it, and it's now working for me.

    If there are still issues, then you should report it where bugs are supposed to be reported: https://forge.isxgames.com/projects/isxeq2/issues/new (The forums are not for reporting or discussing bugs.)
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