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    Is this even supported anymore? It’s been a few years since I played EQ2 and used EQ2craft. When trying to do writs, nothing happens. When I click either rush order or standard, nothing happens. No errors no nothing, the toon just stands there. Am I missing something? I updated everything via SVN
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    "craft" is no longer part of the extension, and is not a base feature of ISXEQ2. This change was made on January 4, 2020 and I'll paste the patch notes from that release that has more information.

    The craft script is now open source, with the latest version being on github. ISXEQ2 also comes with a copy of it on the patcher; but, I may sometimes forget to update it there. I'm not sure if it will fix the issues you're seeing, but I just made it so that ISXEQ2 will download the latest version of the script when you next load the extension.

    But, otherwise, it will be up to users in the community to update eq2craft as desired. There's no reason why it shouldn't be able to do all that it always has; but, someone will need to take over and update the script and xml files (and no one has done that for 8+ years now.)

    If you (or anyone else) does work on eq2craft and want to share it with everyone, feel free to do a pull request on github and I'll merge it into the repository.

    Code (Text):

    January 4, 2020
    * Added new MEMBER to the "isxeq2" datatype:
      1. GetCustomVariable["VARIABLE_NAME"]       (string)
         GetCustomVariable["VARIABLE_NAME", int]     (int)
         GetCustomVariable["VARIABLE_NAME", uint]   (uint)
         GetCustomVariable["VARIABLE_NAME", bool]   (bool)
         GetCustomVariable["VARIABLE_NAME", float]   (float)
    * Added new METHODS to the "isxeq2" datatype:
      1. SetCustomVariable["VARIABLE_NAME", VALUE]
      2. ClearAllCustomVariables
      GetCustomVariable/SetCustomVariable are for script writers who need temporary variable storage that's easy-to-use.  At this time, variables
      are not saved between sessions (e.g., when you unload/reload isxeq2, quit/restart the game, etc.)
      Also, GetCustomVariable will return ANY variable as a 'string' type; however, you can retrieve the variable as a specific type if desired.
    * Added new EVENT:
      1.  EQ2_onCraftRoundResult(string Message, int Result, int Quality, int Progress, int ProgressMod, int Durability, int DurabilityMod, int MainIconID, int BackdropIconID)
    * Added new datatype "crafting" with the following MEMBERS:
      1. Message                                     (string)
      2. Result                                   (int)
      3. Quality                                     (int)
      4. Progress                                   (int)
      5. ProgressMod                                 (int)
      6. Durability                               (int)
      7. DurabilityMod                             (int)
      8. MainIconID                               (int)
      9. BackdropIconID                           (int)
      The above 9 members return the *last* value produced by the event EQ2_onCraftRoundResult.  In other words, they're the last values given by the game
      after a crafting round.
    * Added new TLO "Crafting".  It requires no arguments/parameters and returns a "crafting" datatype object.
    * The "craft" command has been removed from ISXEQ2.
    ~ In 2005, when EverQuest 2 was still new, I decided that I did not want to make public those features of ISXEQ2 that would allow for automated crafting.
      Therefore, I worked with a user at the time (Blazer) to write a custom script that would be embedded within the extension as the "craft" command.  Today,
      I am releasing that script as "EQ2Craft".  You will find it inside of the /innerspace/Scripts/EQ2Craft folder (named EQ2Craft.iss)   Therefore, instead of
      typing "craft" in the console, you will type "run eq2craft".
    ~ I am also making public all of the data/routines and event required to make a crafting script work (showing above).   There are now no restrictions.
    ~ If you make edits to the script (updates, fixes, revamp, etc.) and want to submit it for inclusion on the patcher, just do a pull request against the file
      in its github repository, which is at https://github.com/isxGames/isxScripts under /EverQuest2/Scripts/EQ2Craft.   Or, if you want to create a new crafting
      script for the community, feel free to submit a pull request to add a new directory for your new script on that same github repository.

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