Search i made for craft

run eq2craftsearch

set your level range etc. in craft and hit refresh

enter search term(s)
hit search any to search for any of the terms or hit search all to match all terms

dropdown in craft will have what you searched for

can search the results multiple times

add stuff in craft

reset + repeat!



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Just discovered this little gem yesterday, i have a problem though, it worked wonderfully untill this morning when for some reason the UI look of the program changed, now all it does is click-through the UI and not take any mouse commands in hte UI. Anyone have any idea of what i can do to fix this. I have sompletely deleted the scripts directory and reinstalled. I can get the UI to reset to the original position and look correct though it strill has the click through problem....




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Thanks Noob, it seems to have come back all by itself after opening it around 50 times, if it happens again i'll be sure to use your suggestion....

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