EQ2Harvest -- Status


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Here is the status on EQ2Harvest:

1. The original eq2harvest.iss still functions and is your best option at this point. To create map files, use "eq2patherlegacy.iss".

2. Converting eq2harvest to utilize the lavishnav navigation system was simply just too much time/energy that I don't have available. The file "EQ2HarvestBeta.iss" contains the work that I did on it, and it works 'basically' ...it's just that there are a ton of little things to take into account and I just don't want to have to support something else that is going to have a million individual situations that people will report it not working. If someone wants to work on it, you're more than welcome. Map files for that should be created with "EQ2NavCreator" and you should create using the '-ptop' option and immediately hit F5 and choose a sphere radius as large as you can make work (ie, in kylong plains I was using 20-30).
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