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    EQ2Irc.iss is a script to get information from your character while the character is in game through IRC. This will also
    pass on any tells\says\shouts\ooc\raid\group chat to your character, for Guild chat it will pass any Guild chat including
    Guildmate Login\Tradeskill Level\AA level\Adventure level\Looting. It will report when character goes into and comes out
    of combat and if character dies. Lastly it has a grats function that when Guildmate advances will automatically say a random
    grats after a random wait time. I suggest you change the grats to what you normally say in guild and not use what I put in there.
    You might play with the timing so it does not reply
    to the advancements so fast.

    First off you need to download and install isxirc from http://www.isxgames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=150

    Next create a IRC channel on a IRC Server with a nickname different from your in game characters and
    password protect the channel.

    At the top of the script you will find:

    #define IRC_SERVER irc.myserver.com
    #define IRC_CHANNEL #yourchannel
    #define IRC_PASSWORD yourPassword
    #define IRC_CONTROLLER yourircchatname
    #define IRC_CONTROLLER2 yourotherircchatname

    Change the names in the #define to match your irc server/channel/password IRC_CONTROLLER is your nickname on the IRC
    channel, this will be the nickname that will be able to request things from your character, there is the option for 2
    controllers if you want to make another name for the irc channel when you go to work. (e.g I have ownagejoo from home
    and ownagejoo-work from work).

    When in game run EQ2Irc, this will automatically log your charcter into channel and you will be able to use the following
    commands, the usage will be next to the command if the command requires more than just the command alone.

    Current functionality:

    Group Commands:
    -All Group commands start with an "*" (asterisk)
    *GroupStat - gets your current groups stats, Null if not in group
    *GroupNames - gets your group members names, Null if not in group
    *NewControllerAdd - (usage: *NewControllerAdd <IRCName>) This will add one new IRC Name that can send commands to your characters
    *NewControllerRemove - (usage: *NewControllerAdd <IRCName>) This will Remove IRC Name that was added using above command
    *EndAllScripts - Ends all scripts running including this one..this is an emergency command, use >QuitScript to stop individual scripts
    *AllCamp - Camps all Bots at once, if eq2bot running it needs to be ended first

    Individual Commands: Individual commands REQUIRE the IRC/CharacterName after the command.
    (Usage: >Command "CharacterName")
    -All individual commands start with ">" (greater than sign)
    >MyExp - (usage: >MyExp <IRCName>) Requested Characters current level and exp percentage
    >MyStatus - (usage: >MyStatus <IRCName>) Current Health/Power of Character
    >location - (usage: >location <IRCName>) Current Zone and Location of Character
    >MainTank - (usage: >MainTank <IRCName>) Current MainTank that is set in Eq2bot
    >MainAssist - (usage: >MainAssist <IRCName>) Current MainAssist that is set in Eq2bot

    Misc Commands: Misc commands REQUIRE the IRC/CharacterName after the command and sometimes a third or fourth optional parameter.
    -All Misc Commands start with a "<" (lessthan sign)
    (Usage <Command "CharacterName" "Optional Parameters")
    <SetEq2botVariable - (usage: <SetEq2botVariable <IRCName> <variable>) Set a Variable in eq2bot or scripts #included in eq2bot
    <GetEq2botVariable - (usage: <SetEq2botVariable <IRCName> <variable>) Get Variable from eq2bot or scripts #included in eq2bot
    <SetScriptVariable - (usage: <SetScriptVariable <IRCName> <scriptname> <variable>) Set a Variable in the supplied script
    <GetScriptVariable - (usage: <GetScriptVariable <IRCName> <scriptname> <variable>) Get Variable from the supplied script
    <GetTLO - (usage: <GetTLO <IRCName> <variable>) Get any ISXEQ2 Object e.g ${Me.Name} variable requires brackets and dollar sign
    <UseFunction - (usage: <UseFunction <IRCName> <function>) Calls a funtion in eq2bot or script #included in eq2bot
    <EQ2Command - (usage: <EQ2Command <IRCName> <command>)Executes a EQ2 Command (eg /tell) REMEMBER the slash!!!
    <Harvest - (usage: <Harvest <IRCName> <StartPoint> <EndPoint>) Starts harvest script with supplied points
    <QuitHarvest - (usage: <QuitHarvest <IRCName>) Ends Harvest script
    <QuitScript - (usage: <QuitScript <IRCName> <ScriptName>) Stops the supplied script name
    <StartScript - (usage: <StartScript <IRCName> <ScriptName>) Starts the supplied script name

    I am working on trying to figure out an easy way to integrate AIM support into it so it can pass the information
    to a cell phone. There are servers that have IRC/AIM bridges but are slightly difficult to set up.

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    -Added the EQ2_onInventoryUpdate Event to inform IRC channel when Inventory was updated.
    -Turned off Automated Grats function as it looks too botty when responding. If you want to use it just uncomment the call to GratsFunction.

    - Added new Individual Command:
    >MyBags (usage >MyBags <character>) this will print out to the irc channel all contents of the requested characters bag by name.
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    Updated: 7/24/07

    -Updated all the channel numbers, they had changed during the last update, top of the script has the new numbers.

    -Added channel 60-69 and 70 to be printed out, if you do not want this, just remove case 34 completely and that will go away, I will add all level channels soon and a way to turn them off if you don't want them.

    -fixed some minor bugs and changed the output format of the special Triggers so they would not cause looping. All commands should work as advertised now.
  4. ownagejoo

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    Updated 8/8/07

    -Added two new Triggers that will link your loot to: http://www.lootdb.com
    -Removed the Inventory update spam, as it did nothing.

    Thanks to CyberTF for the two triggers.
  5. cybertf2k4

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    Love this script, glad to help out. The links to lootdb will be 10% accurate unless SOE ever changes the way ITEM links are delivered in-game. And the triggers will cause ALL looted items to display a lootdb link. not just leg/fabled. So you will get link spam in your channel for all the trash you are picking up as well.
  6. ownagejoo

    ownagejoo Well-Known Member

    Ok, posted the one that should have went up yesterday, spam into irc channel is gone again!!!

    - changed when using MyBags option it will put out all inventory on hand, as seems bags are not the 1st 8 items in array.
  7. gp1001

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    I cant get the bot to relay any tells / shouts or ooc to irc, everthing else seems to work
    I have my tells going to a tabbed window per your advice.
  8. ownagejoo

    ownagejoo Well-Known Member

    Sorry got crazy once again at home last night, I have one that I am using that works fine and clean up some. I will have Pygar put it in SVN when he gets on IRC.


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