Error 6


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Inner Space Stealth Enabled

ISXEVE Checking subscription status -- please wait...

ISXEVE: The primary authentication server seems to be unavailable. Attempting now to authenticate with secondary server...

ISXEVE Checking subscription status -- please wait...

There has been an error while connecting to a remote server via http (Error: 6). Please try again in a moment. If this continues to occur, please contact Amadeus
the product you're trying to use, the exact error message you're receiving, and any other information you think might be useful in helping
resolve your problem. (Host Attempted: "")


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I assume this is no longer a problem?

For the record, issues like this typically mean that there are technical/connectivity issues between your location and my servers. Sometimes it's the fault of the isxgames ISP, but typically it's something on your end (or something going on around the Internet that is affecting connections.)
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