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    On April 1st, 2016 Innerspace had a major update. It went from ISXDK34 to ISXDK35, which means all extensions had to be recompiled and redownloaded. (if anyone played in the 24-48 hours prior to this going live, the automatic patchers would have taken care of it).
    With this update, Innerspace also started to load 64 bit instead of 32 bit. This is important as everything we have built only works on 32 bit.

    The purpose of this thread, is a one-stop-shop for all errors related to this update, with links on how to fix each one. If you are still having problems after following these steps, create a new thread and provide as much information as possible.

    Error: A pop up box with text that includes "MSVCP140.dll".
    Solution: Reinstall ISXEQ2:
    Related thread: http://www.isxgames.com/f/threads/u...ount-or-msvcp140-dll-is-missing-message.7159/

    Error: Entry Point Not Fount The Procedure entry (etc)
    Error: Invalid Extension Version.
    Solution: Re-download the extension. See below for links.
    Solution: Delete the extension if it exists in /innerspace/ and /innerspace/extensions/. Extensions should only be inside of the /ISXDK##/ folders

    Error: Could not load <extensionname> as a Win32 library.
    Solution: Re-download the extension. See below for links.
    Solution 2: Make sure your anti-virus is not modifying the files. Disable or add it to a safe/white list.
    Solution 3: Re-install Innerspace. It's pretty rare, but some times Innerspace becomes corrupt and will not load specific extensions at all, and a reinstall of Innerspace is required.

    Error: MCP/AutoLogin not working.
    Solution: Innerspace has to be set to 32bit.
    Related thread: https://forums.ogregaming.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=304

    Links to redownload extensions
    ISXEQ2: http://updates.isxgames.com/isxeq2/ISXEQ2.exe
    ISXOgre: https://eq2.ogregaming.com/wiki/index.php/NewUserWalkthrough:Page01
    ISXBJ: http://www.bjscripts.com/bjscripts/isxbj/EQ2BJAutoUpdaterLive/Extensions/ISXDK35/ISXBJ.dll and save it in your /Innerspace/Extensions/ISXDK35/ folder.
    ISXIM: https://updates.isxgames.com/isxim/Extensions/ISXDK35/ISXIM.dll and save it in your /Innerspace/Extensions/ISXDK35/ folder.
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