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I was pretty tired of not having a resource where I could go and look up entities by category or group or type without having to hope I could find one in my overview and scan it. So I wrote this little diddy.
This will retrieve information about all the entities you can see and stores it away for you and I in a handy dandy XML file, sorted first by category, then group, then type, names were optional. I tried to make it leave out the most personal of details, but I didn't have access to all the entities yet, so let me know if a piece of information falls through that you think might be to personal. There are some minor racial things that pop up i.e Amarr Sentry Gun, but it will not give up YOUR name, any PILOTS name, or STATION names, things like that. We don't want to give up sensitive information, but if you are concerned about giving up your race then you can just keep your db's and leech off of me.
DO NOT POST YOUR DATABASES HERE. Pm me and I will give you one of my bogus emails you can spam to your hearts delight (databases only please). I will then mash them all together and keep a master copy here (considering our kind forum mods allow the space this kind of thing can take up). And then we all have a wonderful place we can quickly reference our needed entity ids, categories, groups, etc.

I expect Ice Fields will still put in system names, if you can tell me their groupID I will stop that.
Any other things you notice that would be a good change let me know. Especially if the code is goofy, I am more or less just trying my hand at settings and config files and so far this has been a wonderful tool for me.

Download EntityGetter.iss, EntityListing.xml, and put them in the same folder in your scripts dir.
Run entitygetter anywhere/everywhere while in space
Open EntityListing.xml with preferred text editor
Press CTRL+F and type in something you are looking for i.e. Cargo Container
Voila, instant access to the needed entity's category, group, type, and associated IDs (Some names too)
PM me after running it a bunch, email me your EntityListing.xml so I can make the master list as thorough as possible.

Modified EntityGetter into ItemGetter as well!! Use it in station and it will db your hangar. I will not be providing dbs for this tho. It will make one for you.

The more you run them the better your dbs will be.

Sample output in .xml -
<Set Name="Category - Asteroid" ID="25">
	<Set Name="Group - Pyroxeres" ID="459">
		<Setting Name="Type - Pyroxeres" ID="1224">Asteroid (Pyroxeres)</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Type - Solid Pyroxeres" ID="17459">Asteroid (Solid Pyroxeres)</Setting>
	<Set Name="Group - Scordite" ID="460">
		<Setting Name="Type - Condensed Scordite" ID="17463">Asteroid (Condensed Scordite)</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Type - Massive Scordite" ID="17464">Asteroid (Massive Scordite)</Setting>
		<Setting Name="Type - Scordite" ID="1228">Asteroid (Scordite)</Setting>
	<Set Name="Group - Veldspar" ID="462">
		<Setting Name="Type - Veldspar" ID="1230">Asteroid (Veldspar)</Setting>


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Cool thanks guys!! This damn xml stuff is buried deep within the wiki. I will revamp this momentarily then!


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The CCP Static Data Dump
That is a very valuable resource thank you. However, it does not contain the important info to us ISXer's. TypeID, GroupID, and things like that. That is what I was concerned about. Also I found it extremely difficult to navigate.
Building this database for myself I was given very valuable insight on how to search for entities, i.e. Acceleration gates are all under GroupID 366, all wrecks are listed under GroupID 186, and if I am going to build a missioner I know I will have some trouble ensuring I search for ALL possible enemy entities because they share a category with other stuff, the have many different groups, however most seem to have DEADSPACE in their types.
This was what was important to me, identifying unique ways to call and search for entities without having to go look for them in game and hope that they have a unique group, category or type without a basis for comparison.
I welcome anyone with knowledge in sql to do whatever else, but please don't ask me. I have no knowledge of sql, and I am not ready to start learning yet.


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I welcome anyone with knowledge in sql to do whatever else, but please  don't ask me. I have no knowledge of sql, and I am not ready to start  learning yet.
Read through the sample script I included with isxSQLite. Using an SQLite database is much easier than dealing with xml in my opinion ..heh.
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