Eve Launcher Update And Isboxer - Sept. 20, 2016


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Official thread for ISBoxer - http://isboxer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8128

My way of doing things is below:

1. From the guide linked above, I followed the following steps:

ISBoxer Setup
1. First you need to add the EVE Launcher to Inner Space. Right click Inner Space in the system notification area and select "Add Game", then either drag EVE Launcher (either the shortcut from your desktop, or the file itself) into the Add Game window, or use the "..." button to navigate to the EVE Launcher executable. You can put whatever you like for the Name, but if you just make it "EVE Launcher" it should be easy for you to identify which one to use in ISBoxer.
2. Select each Character in the top left pane under Characters, then set the Game and Game Profile in the bottom right pane. If you named it "EVE Launcher" in Step 1, you will be looking for "EVE Launcher" under "Game" and "EVE Launcher Default Profile" under "Game Profile".
3. Export to Inner Space. If you forget to Export, then when you launch your team it's still going to use the old settings!
2. Load the EVE Launcher.
3. Enter your Username/Password and click the "Remember this account (Insecure)" checkbox.
4. Press Log In.
5. You may then be asked to confirm the name of a character on the account. Enter the name and make sure that "Don't ask me again" is enabled. Press the Continue button.
6. Accept the License Agreement.
7. Repeat steps 3 - 6 as need for all of your accounts. (Step 3 is modified from this point on. In order to enter your Username/Password, you must press the "Add Account +" button.
8. Once all of your characters have been "logged in", you can arrange them from top to bottom to be logged in. Top is logged in first.
9. For any character you want to log in, press the toggle button on the left side of the login window (Mouse hover calls it "account launch bundle".

10. Close the EVE Launcher.
11. Launch your ISBoxer Character Set. The first session should load the EVE Launcher.
12. Your characters that belong to the character set should be already in the account launch bundle. If they aren't, fix it so they are. Press the Play Selected (#) button. It will now launch all of your characters to the character select screen, but will do all of this using your character set window layout and processor affinity options.

13. Once everyone has loaded in to the character select screen, type the following into the IS1 session: BJ Login UI
14. The BJ AutoLogin UI screen should popup and you can select to load a profile and finish logging everyone in.

15. The last thing to finish is to load your ISBoxer Character Set again, to fix your session hotkeys.
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