Evebot Freighter Issue


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I cant seem to get it to work

I set the source prefix to - Source: then in my bookmarks add Source: in front of the source station

Then in destination I enter the destination station name

After the bot returns the following

DEBUG: No more source locations!
Aborting operation: Returning to base
Preparing for warp

Then it cycles between the last two lines forever and does nothing

Has anyone used the freighter tab in EveBot successfully ?


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User error caused me to think this wasn't working still sorry.

For clarification when I ran evebot I set the prefix, but I wasn't closing it to force it to save it and reopening it, after looking further I noticed it builds the source list on launch.

Which branch was this resolved in @CyberTech because I pulled master and I have set this up and set some source bookmarks but all the bot ever does is undock, set homestation then say "No more source locations" and redocks.

Not sure what else to do, I was actually looking more at using the asset gatherer but the bot says only source / destination work so I tried that.


Tried the asset gatherer it undocks says no more stations with assets and redocks. Assume its not finished like the description says.
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