Evebot Not Asteroid Found


hi i have this problem

17:22:30: OBJ_Asteroids:UpdateList: 2 (In Range: 0 OOR: 0) asteroids found
17:22:31: obj_Asteroids: TargetNext: No Asteroids within 90.00km, changing fields.
17:22:32: Debug: WarpToBookMarkName to Ice:01 from MoveToRandomBeltBookMark Line 137
17:22:32: Preparing for warp

i cant undertand it because i have asteoirds at 2.000m
What happens?


The Maestro
Staff member
I believe that Cybertech is working on the issue. For now, you might be able to fix it by opening the console and entering this command:


The Maestro
Staff member
OK, until Cybertech has a chance to look at things and fix them, I've updated ISXEVE so that "Debug_SetEntityCacheDisabled" is ENABLED by default. Therefore, you shouldn't have to issue this command anymore.
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