FBBot, <1.0 Beta> (March 18-07)


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FBBot 1.02 Beta (March 22-07)

Please check the docs directory for detailed help...

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If you use this UI be sure to load the VGSkin.xml file in the FBBot directory and replace the C:\games\Vanguard\VGUIAssets\Shells\Default\Textures with the location of your VG directory.

Extract the files into your /script directory then type "run fbbot" into the is console. If you place it in a subdirectory remember to add your subdirectory path.

Now, onto with what this is:
This is a Bot wrapper.. What is a bot wrapper you ask? Simple it contains all of the basic functionality that you would want in a bot.

If you have ever seen - WoWGlider, WoWBot, !WoWSharp etc, then you know what this does.

The UI will do everything for you, except for actual combat. People need to code custom combat plugins for each class. I have included a custom cleric combat plug in so people can base combat scripts off of that one. There is also a basic template included that you can use as a starting point.

UI will navigate, repair when needed and navigate back to the hunting grounds. It will then proceed to patrol the area, and when it finds something in targeting range it will proceed to call the combat routines. It will then resume once combat is completed.


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CHANGES: 1.02 Beta
Changes - March 22 - 2007

New Variables For Combat Bots:  GUI will set these values, DO NOT SET THEM YOURSELF.

${TargetDead} = TRUE/FALSE - Target is dead.
${ImDead} = TRUE/FALSE - You have died
${ImOwner} = TRUE/FALSE - You are the mobs owner (Also TRUE if mob has no owner)
${HaltGUI} = TRUE/FALSE - GUI Pause or EXIT state has been issued.

Spells will no longer be castable if you are not the owner, the UI will automaticly detect it and halt spell casting.

If you detect you are not the owner of a mob, you should exit the combat routine.  Remember YOU DO NOT have to check if you are the owner before any spell casting, it is NOT required.  Spell casting also checks that your target is not dead before casting.

1 - Now includes an intelligent item sorter, you can sort items into groups to decide if you want to sell them, destroy them, or keep them.

2 - You can now tell the UI to target NPCs, if you want to attack noncombat mobs, set the checkbox in the MAIN tab.

3 - You can now Blacklist a mob from being attacked simply add them to the black list :  No need to add yourself, you are there already.
eg.    GUIDBlacklist:Set[${Me.ToPawn.ID}]

4 - Better selling/repair agent

5 - More details added on the main screen of the UI

6 - You can now set a path to Loop, if not set to loop it will reverse.

7 - You can now create travel paths.  Only good within the same zone.
  - If you are using a travel path you you can specifiy whether you want to goto the start or the end by using the check box 

"Travel to Start"
  - It will only be seen if you load a travel path.

  - To create a travel path:

  - Click NEW
  - Give the path a name ONE WORD NAME
  - Select the path from the drop down.
  - Click START PATH
  - Follow instructions.

- when done just load the path int he future.

fixes include:
New custom targeting code
Misc pathing fixes
No longer thinks your or the mob are dead, when they really aren't
Durability now only checks your adventuring gear set.
Other minor tweaks and fixes...


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Sure hope FarmerBob gets time to come back. Reading about his script has made me hopefully of having some fun again.

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